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By CapitalLumberCo, May 26 2018 02:00PM

June 20th is the day, 5:30 is the time. Dig up that old sander buried in the garage and come on down to rip down our dragstrip. No entry fee and trophies will be awarded for 1st 2nd 3rd and most creative. Most creative you say? Yup, our racers have come up with some of the most interesting masterpieces known to man. This truly is "fun for the whole family" event. Check out past year races on our Facebook page or Google "Belt sander races Cheyenne". See you on the 20th and be prepared to have an action packed evening.

By CapitalLumberCo, May 16 2016 01:01PM

JUNE 15TH 2016 Belt Sander Racing Rules and Regulations

Sander Requirements

All sanders must run on standard 110v power.

All sanders must use an unmodified factory manufactured sanding belt.

Sanders cannot be more than 24” in length.

Track guides and wheelie bars, or “outrigging” is allowed and encouraged to keep the sanders centered in the track.

The power cord may be shortened.

Classes – Design Parameters

Stock Class Guidelines

The Belt Sander must be a standard product manufactured by a conventional power tool manufacturer.

No modifications or substitutions may be made to the mechanical or electrical components.

Non-functional decorations are allowed and encouraged, dress them up-be creative.

Modified Class Guidelines

Anything goes; Only limitation is that the sander must be driven by sanding belt.

Track Specifications

All races will be run on a 8 7/8” (approx.) wide track.

The track is 35’ long.

The sanders race side-by-side on a drag strip.

The track walls (side walls) are 2 ¾” above racing floor.

Race Info

Capital Lumber shall define the number and structure of the races the day of the races according to the number of competitors in each class.

Starts: Two false starts and you’re disqualified. False starts will be defined as follows:

1. Moving across the starting line to early.

2. No power to the sander at the start.

Capital Lumber reserves the right to determine entry acceptance and race eligibility.

Each racer is responsible for the setup of their belt sander including the power cord hook up.

Any no-shows on a contestant’s part will be a forfeiture of the race with the winner moving on.

New entrees are accepted up to 2:00 pm on the day of races.

The maximum time between races for repairs, modifications, or any other changes will be five minutes in order to move event along.

Disputed races may be re-run at the discretion of Capital Lumber officials.

All decisions by race officials are final.

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